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The awe-inspiring Sarawat Mountains were captured during an early morning drive from Taif to Jeddah.

Taif, Saudi Arabia
The Sarawat Mountains, also known as Sarat in singular, are part of the Hijaz Mountains in the western Arabian Peninsula.

Taif (الطائف) city, located in the Sarawat Mountains at an altitude of 1,879m, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and majestic rugged charm. This Saudi hill station draws visitors with its mountain resorts and temperate climate. Taif’s rugged peaks, once submerged beneath the sea, have evolved into a stunning granite landscape. This transformation stands as a testament to nature’s enduring power, shaped by time and weather. The mountains are predominantly barren yet adorned with scattered juniper vegetation. The 23km Alhada road that meanders through the Sarawat Mountains towards the Taif plateau, is a four-lane highway offering travelers an opportunity to witness nature’s handiwork and experience the raw beauty of the region.

Taif, Saudi Arabia

As you traverse this scenic route, the temperature fluctuates dramatically, unveiling the diverse climate of Taif’s terrain.

Taif, Saudi Arabia
The Sarawat extends from Taif in Saudi Arabia to the Gulf of Aden, covering the entire western coast of Yemen. In Yemen, the Sarawat is divided into western and central highlands, with the western highlands receiving substantial precipitation.

Taif – Unearthing the Beauty of Rugged Peaks of Sarawat Mountains

Taif, Saudi Arabia
Geographically, the Sarawat Mountains run parallel to the eastern coast of the Red Sea, encompassing Fifa’, ‘Asir, and Taif.
Sarawat Mountains, Taif
Some peaks of the Sarawat are rocky, while others are smoother due to weathering. The western slopes of the Sarawat end abruptly near the Red Sea, while the eastern side slopes downward more gently.
Sarawat Mountains, Taif

Taif’s rugged charm has left an indelible mark on those who dare to venture into its heights while fascinating travelers for generations.

Sarawat Mountains, Taif
The central highlands of the Sarawat have the highest mountains in the Arabian Peninsula. The Haraz Mountains in Yemen, part of the Sarawat, include peaks exceeding 3,000m, with Jabal An-Nabi Shu’ayb being the highest at 3,666m. It is not only the highest peak in Sarawat but also the highest in Arabia.
Sarawat Mountains, Taif
Sarawat Mountains, Taif
Camels, Makkah

Came across a herd of camels in the middle of nowhere outside Makkah City on our way back to Jeddah. The recent rain spell in the desert provided a lot of vegetation for them to enjoy.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Camels, Makkah
Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Camels, Makkah
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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It all began in my late teens with my father’s Mamiya 35mm SLR camera. Back then, learning photography and becoming a photographer in the traditional sense wasn’t my objective. What truly fascinated me was the power of capturing and preserving moments, allowing me to revisit them later.

As time passed I realized that photography is not just about capturing images; it’s a fascinating journey of exploration and observation that connects us with surrounding realities. It’s the art of seeing, exploring, and imagining the world through a lens—a belief in images’ power to stimulate thoughts and evoke emotions. Each captured moment in time tells a story, allowing the viewer to become immersed in the visual narrative commonly known as storytelling.

Travel Photography by Asif Naqvi

It is all about seeing, observing, and making visual notes.

As I spent more time with my camera, I discovered it to be more than just a device—it became an extension of my creativity, a tool that allowed me to express myself in profound ways. Having ventured into the realm of imagination, when life enabled me to step into the real world, I noticed and discovered a newfound appreciation for nature. Vast landscapes, delicate flora, and fascinating fauna inspired me to see the world anew.

When nature becomes overwhelming, I make my way back to human civilization. I wander through diverse cultures and untrodden paths, finding inspiration in the essence of each place and its people. Travel photography, for me, is a way to connect with the soul of a destination.

Constantly seeking fresh perspectives, I try to push boundaries to capture elusive moments that resonate deeply with the audience. Aksgar is not just an expression of my vision, but an invitation to see the world from a different angle, to find beauty in the seemingly mundane, and to appreciate the manners in which we exist.

With boundless enthusiasm in one hand and a camera in the other,

Aksgar by Asif Naqvi

Aksgar Asif Naqvi

Asif Naqvi is a Digital and Creative Nomad, an award-winning UX and UI Designer, a laid-back adventurer, somewhat of a gadget freak, and a husband and father of two. He is also the person behind Aksgar as a visual storyteller.

Aks Gar ( عکس گر ):
A Persian/Urdu compound word to describe an image maker or a photographer.


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