Exploring Light Painting with Fireworks at Datchet Cricket Club

Every year in November a bonfire and fireworks spectacle takes place at the cricket club in Datchet, a quaint Thames-side village located just outside Windsor in Berkshire, England. Contrary to my previous fireworks photography, I went for a different approach this time which resulted in a rather abstract and surreal light painting.

As darkness fell, the atmosphere came alive with bursts of vibrant colors. The air was filled with the crackling sounds of fireworks and the light streaks painting intricate patterns across the sky.

Fireworks at Datchet Cricket Club, Slough, Berkshire

The centerpiece of the event was a roaring bonfire that added much-needed warmth and a captivating glow to the night and embraced everyone around it.

Upton Court Park Fireworks, Slough, Berkshire

The Upton Court Park’s annual bonfire and fireworks spectacular illuminate the night sky above Slough every November. This event is much bigger than the one takes place in Datchet Cricket Club. In addition to the festive atmosphere, the event offers a variety of global cuisines, enhancing the sensory experience alongside the visual spectacle.

The bonfire and fireworks spectacular is not just a visual and gastronomic treat, it’s also a hub of exciting entertainment. A sprawling funfair, complete with exhilarating rides, games, and exciting attractions, never fails to delight people of all ages.

Upton Court Park's annual bonfire and fireworks spectacular, Slough
Upton Court Park Fireworks, Slough, Berkshire

This cherished annual tradition brings together the local community to celebrate culture, diversity, and shared memories.

Upton Court Park's annual bonfire and fireworks spectacular, Slough, Berkshire

Light painting photography, therefore, is a captivating artistic technique that involves using controlled light sources to create mesmerizing visual effects. Photographers create vivid, intricate images in low light by adjusting exposure and strategically positioning lights. Consequently, this form of long-exposure photography allows for endless creativity, resulting in unique and ethereal compositions. From gracefully tracing lines to forming intricate shapes, light painting photography adds a touch of magic to captured moments. Light painting photography offers a surreal and enchanting experience for both photographers and viewers alike. It is a dynamic fusion of technical skill and artistic vision. Explore this innovative realm and witness the fusion of light, imagination, and photographic artistry.

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Fine Art and Travel Photography by Asif Naqvi

Photography is not just about capturing images; it’s a fascinating journey of exploration and observation that connects us with surrounding realities. It is the art of seeing, exploring, and imagining the world around us through a lens. I strongly believe in the ability of images to stimulate thoughts and evoke emotions. Each frame captures a moment in time and tells a story, allowing the viewer to become immersed in the visual narrative commonly known as storytelling.

It is all about seeing, observing, and making visual notes.

Having ventured into the realm of imagination, I stepped into the real world and discovered a newfound appreciation for nature. Grand landscapes, delicate flora, and fascinating fauna inspire me to see the world anew, with open eyes and heart.

As I make my way back to human civilization, I wander through diverse cultures and untrodden paths. I find inspiration in the essence of each place and its people. Travel photography, for me, is a way to connect with the soul of a destination.

My photography is not just an expression of my vision, but an invitation to see the world from a different angle.

I am always seeking fresh perspectives, hence pushing the boundaries of my art to capture those elusive moments that resonate deeply with my audience. My photography is not just an expression of my vision, but an invitation to see the world from a different angle, to find beauty in the seemingly mundane, and to appreciate the manners of our existence.

Join me on this artistic journey at, where we’ll embark on an adventure through images. They stir the spirit, ignite the imagination, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the marvels that surround us.

With boundless enthusiasm and a camera in hand,

⸻ Aksgar Asif Naqvi

Aks Gar ( عکس گر ): a Persian/Urdu compound word to describe an image maker or a photographer.

Explore the captivating world through the lens of Asif Naqvi with his fine art and travel photography.


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